APC Gate

The Automated Passport Control System (APC Gate) is an eGate that is specifically designed to enhance the capabilities of the border system.

APC Gate carries out an operator-free automatic passenger passport control, comparing the passport’s biometric information to the biometric data of its holder.

The System consists of the following main components: Passport Control eGate, Manual Control module (for complex cases), Monitoring module, Administrator and Reporting AWPs (optional), Server complex, cross-connect equipment, and specialized Software.

APC Gate integrates into the existing software and hardware infrastructure of checkpoints operating at the facility.

Full compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization eMRTDs Standards

Compliance with the requirements of the International Air Transport Association for processing modern boarding passes (BCBP)

Compliance meeting the EC Machine & EMC Directives as well as EU Harmonised Norms & Standards

Unique Functionality

Automatic decision-making on the possibility of a passenger crossing the state border with the information storing

Intuitive passenger action sequence UI for passing through a passport control procedure

eMRTD reading (visual part and microchip) and identity verification

The passenger’s boarding pass reading and verification according to the specified criteria for the admission to the passport control procedure (presence of the flight in the flight plan, etc.)

Automatic multifactorial real-time verification of the passenger’s identity (microchip, fingerprint, full-face photo, etc.)

Identification of attempts to falsify objects presented by the passenger (fingerprint & face liveliness)

Recording and preventing attempts to illegally cross the border, for instance, the simultaneous crossing of two or more persons

Automatic cross-checking of passenger data against relevant checklists and other presets

Advantages of Deployment

High level of passenger service that meets the best international standards

Improves the efficiency of checkpoints by increasing overall capacity up to 6 times

Modular system design ensures optimal installation in irregular-shaped rooms and, as a result, efficient use of space

The solution meets the world standards and guarantees a significant reduction in passport control workload while maintaining a high level of security

Durable and low-maintenance equipment from a trusted solution provider

About Us

GazIntech is a group of companies providing IT-services. For 20 years we have been experts in the identity documents technologies including biometrics & artificial intelligence.

The accumulated experience allows us to offer both unique & ready-made integrated solutions. Our products have proven themselves successfully worldwide in various fields, including the transport industry.